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How To Use The App Builder

The FlexPortal App Builder allows users to create their own database apps within the FlexPortal system to track almost anything!

Apps can be built as just one App, or can be grouped in Workspaces.

If you experience any issues or need help setting up your custom Apps, please give us a call!  We would be happy to answer your questions and assist you.


Add a New App


Configure Your
Sections & Fields


Set the Basic
Settings & Save


Choose a
Display Location


Configure Your
Table Settings


Set View
Permission Settings


Advanced Options


Make Other
Role Views

Creating a New App
Use the + icon from the Apps table to create a new app.
Add a New Section
Use the Add Section button to add a new Section of Fields.

The pencil icon on the left of the Section header opens the Options tray for you to name your Section and select it's options.
Laying Out Your App
In the Workspace tab, use the
Choose Where to Display Your App
Once you save your App for the first time, you will see the Menu Settings Section on the left side of the App Builder under the Main App Builder block.

You can choose to access your app from any existing Module sidebar, or add it to the Main Menu.

Icons can be chosen from the dropdown menu if desired.
App Basis Settings
View Settings
Creating a New View