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Collaboration Portal

Collaboration Portal

Companies that foster a collaborative environment cultivate it from the top to the bottom. This allows the company to gain an organizational competitive advantage by engaging their employees, customers and stake holders. Collaboration through technology can empower individuals and organizations to realize a shared vision.

With Readyportal you can set notifications and reminders to help you stay on top of mission critical tasks. We’ve also built a library of workflow and automation tools to help you complete time intensive yet otherwise mundane tasks. You can integrate these tools into your solution or even customize new tools to assist you with more novel tasks.

Features And Benefits

  • Import, integrate and share calendars with groups and users
  • Set notifications and reminders to keep you on top of approaching deadlines
  • Automate, customize and adapt business-specific workflows to improve productivity and engagement of team members
  • Graphical tools make it easy for less technical users to design and adjust workflows, speeding rollouts and business alignment