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Designed to build 100% customized business management and portal applications faster and at an affordable cost

Work the way you want.

FlexPortal is a fully integrated cloud-based platform that will completely satisfy the software needs of most small to medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations. Unfortunately, many business owners have become incredibly frustrated with software because they’ve spent far too much time & money trying to learn multiple systems, and then get those multiple systems to work together.

FlexPortal solves this problem by combining the most commonly used business tools into one
cloud-based software platform where popular tools are
already pre-integrated and
ready to use/customize.

Business Efficiency

Cloud based management systems and portals can enhance team productivity, save you money, foster communication, keep employees up-to-date, and enable one-stop access to important documents.

FlexPortal is designed increase business efficiency through customized workflow and processes: reduce paper processes through digitization, centralize documents/aggregate information from other software using APIs, allow permission based sharing of information with employees and clients saving time and money.

Replace Multiple Software Subscriptions

Many companies run multiple softwares to achieve different benefits.

FlexPortal is built to handle most necessary business functions out of the box with no customization limitations allowing businesses to streamline and bring data into one central location.

Customer Resource Management, Project Management, Invoicing and Billing, Document Sharing, Proposal Generation, Human Resource Management, and Email/Text Message Marketing are just a few examples of how FlexPortal can help streamline software subscriptions and save you training time and money.

Efficient Collaboration

Collaboration through a system that allows for data visibility, communication, and shared information can have many benefits, especially in terms of reducing cost and increasing productivity.

Allow information to flow more freely around an organisation and for departments which may have once rarely interacted to better communicate and work on projects together. FlexPortal’s built in features will help you stay ahead of the game!

Customized Portal Access

FlexPortal's role based system allows for portal entry from a multitude of different user types. Need to give access to your clients or customers to allow them to see job or project progress or view/pay invoices? Need to give employees the ability to see their personal information and upload documentation for onboarding? Have vendors that needs special access to information? All of this is possible and much more!

Trusted Security

FlexPortal takes all the necessary precautions to ensure confidential information and files stay safe. Files are kept secure by including safeguards such as file transfer over HTTPS from any device, 256-bit encryption at rest, including HIPAA compliance.

100% Customizable

FlexPortal is unique in that it can be completely customized to an organizations workflow and processes and can even be used to create complete software products.

Have industry specific software that your business can't do without? No problem! FlexPortal has the capability to connect making your stream of data cleaner, more transparent, and easier to manage.

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